Mapping Fonts with Embrilliance Alpha Tricks

I am continuing on my embroidery machine software journey with today’s post.  I apologize to anyone here looking for papercrafting!  I still love paper, my Cricut, and all the whimsical and creative things that have to do with that, so those posts will be back shortly.  I get easily sidetracked and I am on a machine embroidery kick at the moment.  I am just really enjoying the possibilities with the software available to me.  This post is all about how to create bx fonts in a regular embroidery file (like .pes or .dst files) so that they work like bx fonts in Embrilliance.  The benefit of bx files is that they do not need to be uploaded one-at-a-time, but rather are typed in just as is done in Word Processing.  Additionally the letters are already aligned and so fast to put on the virtual hoop.  This information is specific to Embrilliance Software (only Embrilliance uses bx files) and Alpha Tricks (a separate purchase from other Embrilliance software).
This is what I do to map a font using Embrilliance’s Alpha Tricks…
Start by opening Embrilliance, opening a page, and clicking on the Font Mapper (button).  It looks like a needle next to a vertical ABC.